Portrait Lighting for Photography and Video!

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. que hermosa

  2. EnemyofGeorgia

    Very useful, as I was doing much of this anyway, but didn’t really realize it. I just went with what looked best and worked well, and from assorted books/articles, other photogs over the yrs.

  3. I thought that was the best part. I doubt they would have included it if she didn’t think it was hilarious.

  4. _Photographer used white board.
    It’s super effective !
    _Adam is confused.
    She hurt herself in confusion.

  5. freelanderjason

    Great info in that vid…and totally unexpected ending – thanks!

  6. niceguydudong

    WTF happened in the end?? LOL!

  7. what the hell happing at the end? Why did you do that? It is not funny! That lady is so gergous and we didnt expect anything like that from her!!

  8. Did anyone notice some lady in the background drawing her lol.?

  9. ScotPhotography

    omg at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. CAF1productions

    Great tips on Lighting…Great subject..Hilarious Ending,,Very professional,,on both parts,,Yours & Subjects …Keep up the good work…:)

  11. epic ending xD ahaha

  12. hahah.. nice ending 😀

  13. yigittheemperor

    wtf the end

  14. TheSlantedLens

    Thanks for the tip. I was not aware of anyplace cheeper than amazon.

    Does anyone else have any tips for that?

  15. @kcrjbgl yes. i am not an expert in photoshop but i really needed a good software to edit my photos after i capture it. btw! this photo effect maker software requires a very little knowledge to edit photos for beginners. i got it from here -> bit.ly/KkugKJ?=yfyzuw

  16. ICUInPictures

    Thanks that was great!!! D Allen – ICU

  17. darnelllashley

    Great way to end such a serious video. lol

  18. killthebetrayer

    You can find white umbrellas for about 7$ on ebay with free shipping… Silver or gold are a little bit more expensive. But umbrellas a really cheap. There’s also pretty cheap softboxes. You can find some kits 😉

  19. Extremely well-done instructional video – thank you! Gorgeous model (great prat-fall, too).

  20. YoungStreetzD

    LOL at the ending, and very educational video thankyou for the laughs and piece of mind!

  21. THE most informative lighting video I’ve seen so far on Youtube…plus the ending is classic…well done!

  22. That was funny lol where is a good place to buy soft box or umbrellas for cheap, i know that on amazon.com they sell 2 umbrellas for like $125.00 is there any cheaper? im a beginer in video

  23. olisgrillcebu

    nice ending! 🙂 amazing video, learned a lot. cheers mate!

  24. Gorgeous sexy Jewish lass yummm

  25. lol at first I was like ” why was there a bicycle?” and then…