Photoshop CS5 Tutorial for portrait photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. Hah, Eisley is playing in the background at 3:20… good song.

  2. the swearing boet, come on.

  3. Thanks so much beethy!

  4. make more lbp vids

  5. I don’t know what you were going for but i think it looks a little washed out. With cosplay subjects id try going for an extremely subtle saturtation of colors on the subjects to make it look more vibrant like their original counterparts.
    But for any other image it would be a nice effect.
    also, i don’t think to vignette, im gonna have a play with that

  6. he doesn’t even laugh that much. don’t want a fuckin boring tut like 90% of those out there anyway.

  7. i try that.. but the way my hands are spaced doesn’t work as fast that way.
    i used short cuts and hotkeys.. and space A LOT so having my hands there slows me down.

  8. yea normally do that.. or try to. bad habit from the JPG days

  9. Curves confuses the fuck out of me. But man, that’s a hell of a difference. Cheers for making this, hey.

  10. beethy, do your straightening in camera raw, heaps quicker, one button and once you draw your line it auto crops ^__^

  11. Really enjoyed that Beeths! Will always hate that curves tool though. 😛

  12. Use your [ & ] keys to adjust brush size! So much quicker, especially if you’re using a tablet.

  13. Fixed that problem last night 🙂
    Maybe refresh?

  14. loving it man

  15. Fuck dude, stop laughing that much. Also, you idiot messed up the writen version. In the written one says “Ctrl + Backspace” instead of “Shift + Backspace” Im just saying.
    Anyways, great tutorial Beethy!

  16. I swear your voice scared the begebuz out of me since my stupid self left the speakers up high in the middle of the night. xD

    Needless to say, this is epic. And I need your cosplay/model finding skills. <3~

  17. Very cool. It would be awesome to see more photography-related vids from you!