Photography tutorial – How to make a self portrait

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. BnVFXProductionsHD

    lol 2´╗┐ years late but oh well. If you have Canon, you can use the EOS Utility software that came with your camera ­čśÇ

  2. It’s hard to understand your English….are you Gay´╗┐ ?

  3. @dyramisty haha nee t is heel leuk gemaakt! ´╗┐

  4. Zeker! Hopelijk heb ik´╗┐ binnekort genoeg geoeffent om mezelf niet nogmaals zo voorschut neer te zetten =P

  5. thnx ! & are you also from holland? ik kan het horen´╗┐ aan je accent haha x

  6. Awe, thank you so´╗┐ much. I hope to make new videos as soon as my pc gets fixxed =) If you like, feel free to stay up2date on my deviantart here: d-emo.deviantart

  7. TheTalkingair

    Cute accent and´╗┐ your cute too(:

  8. Thank you! I’ll give it a try´╗┐ ­čśë

  9. I googled a little and there’s suposed´╗┐ to be software out there called “Sony camera control” I’d give it a go =)

  10. Tnx for the tips! But is´╗┐ there any other software like Cameral Control that works on Sony’s cameras? :-))

  11. so stupid´╗┐ xP

  12. haha the sexy look there´╗┐

  13. It’ll come in handy so bad c:
    I don’t know why, but I just´╗┐ ADORE foreign accents!!!
    Hehe :3

  14. Thanks! ´╗┐ I will.

  15. You should google´╗┐ for: Olympus Studio, I believe it has a similar function ­čśÇ

  16. And´╗┐ What about olympus?? I have an olympus camera, just for now though..

  17. PazParaSiempre

    Nice accent, basically I just watched you because I read a comment about
    Your´╗┐ accent, ha but sweet vid

  18. Comes in handy.. soo bad! OMG YOU ARE SOOO *Reads description* Never mind. :P´╗┐ Great video tho.

  19. Awww, thank you XD
    I’m planning on making new videos once I get my cam´╗┐ up and running again ^^.!

  20. SammiXxSuicideXx

    ….I love´╗┐ youuu xD *-*
    your accent is so cute :3

  21. great vid…´╗┐ should work with my lightroom 3…..

  22. Thanks man! Hahaha deze video had ik al ver voor het uploaden gemaakt,´╗┐ hopelijk kan ik binnekort nieuwe maken en veel betere =D

  23. haha! ik hoorde gelijk dat je nederlands was, heel vet dit! zocht al een tijdje zulk software.. maar ben er nooit echt via´╗┐ youtube naar gaan zoeken. dankje wel! en eeen hele goede tutorial. trouwens op de nikon site kan je ook een 60-day trial doen.

  24. citizenofvirginity

    ­čśÇ you remind me´╗┐ of Neville from Harry Potter!

  25. ecdcheerleader

    the disk of software that comes with the canon has a similar program that you can use to take photos´╗┐ from the computer ­čÖé