Photography students aim to help others

Last summer, Jason Berryman read an article on 100Cameras, which is a program to give cameras to the impoverished. After few months Jason Berryman as well as his students of photography at the Topeka West High School got enough money to buy a camera which was sent to India to empower a youth.

The 100Cameras program started in NYC by 4 women on the preface that a child could take a camera inside their own community in ways in which an outsider could not. The very first photography program happened in Sudan in late 2008. Later those photographs were displayed in an exhibit that was attended by over 80 people. By the spring of 2009, people’s interest grew and 100Cameras was incorporated. Photography events had taken place in places like New York City, Cuba and recently in India.

In 2012’s October, the team of 100cameras went to India’s Madurai to teach photography to kids at their home. They selected 15 kids and taught them how to use camera. After all the kids spent time clicking pictures in their own community. Later those pictures were sold to 100Cameras; more importantly the community served with their fund and medical aid.

Berryman came to know about the project and talked about the idea of raising US$ 500 to take part in Adopt-A-Camera program. The program lets one kid living in repressed community to take part in 100Cameras photography education program.


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