Photography Lighting Techniques : Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques

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  1. Thank you for the tip!

  2. lol we had to watch this in my Communications technology Course ahaha and i litterally fell asleep. good video, very soothing lol

  3. Hey guys I’ve just started up my youtube vlog/photography channel if your interested come check it out updates every week (:

  4. “..for dry eyes…”

  5. Because you haven’t any control on that lights.
    Professional photographer and skilled semi pro photographer want total control of the lighting to achieve what they want.
    And what about matching the color temperature of the lighting with the right one?
    Mixing natural light with artificial light isnt the best thing you can do if you want to achieve a even light color.
    And what about the direction of the light? The sun doesnt stay in one point during the day…

  6. TheHuggerstudio

    Sorry just so boring i went to bed and this guys photos are really good but stay off the air or put some life in to you clip .

  7. If attempting to recreate light closest to natural lights the most important thing in studio photography, why not to have one of the studio’s walls with a huge window to allow natural light to come in and to complement the lights you are already using????

  8. Stop BREATHING! You’re gonna over-oxigenate yourself!


    I would like to have him rehearse the video more…. he was too nervous

  10. elegantphotograph

    Among other questions that you asked was “How to control the contrast on digital?” Well, he told you how to do it in this video…use reflectors.
    It would seem that instead of listening you would rather come off as an idiot.

  11. He explained how to control contrast- lights and umbrellas.
    The rest what you ask should have an answer: Take a course , or read photo books, rractice.., practice,.. make mistakes, try again and again…. only this way…

  12. expertvillage are a bunch of dumasses lmao they dont kinow what there saying … they know nothing about lighting

  13. What material is that backdrop?

  14. What material is that backdrop? Muslin?

  15. how do you set-up a fill light for a portrait

  16. read a photo book first.

  17. eliezeralvangallegos

    say whaaa??

  18. cant even see any thing err how stupid can someone get

  19. 7SevenProductions0

    Alot of people on expert village act as though theyre going to be stabbed.

  20. how can i get the tekst in front away??

  21. key light is the main light.

  22. what a load of old sh!t

  23. What’s concidered a Key Light????
    Main Light?
    Fill Light?
    Can you help me I’m new in photography tanks.

  24. i think iam going to fall asleep

  25. the 30mm us is ok, i rather use the 50mm or even the 80mm instead.