Photography concentrates of Bisbee program

Allison Otto, a photographer and a videographer, would be the featured teacher for a very special class offered by the Learning Experiential Activities Program, which is a non-profit organization established to serve Bisbeeā€™s youth and children on 1st February. The workshop begins at 10 in the morning and goes through noon at Community Montessori School of Bisbee.

In the workshop, students would learn basic videography and photography skills utilizing their very own cameras, smartphones as well as iPads. They would learn about portraits, capturing action shots, lighting, composition along with basic cropping and editing.

Allison is currently working on a documentary regarding Bisbee and she was recently hired as project manager of the very 1st Bisbee Film Festival. The total cost for the workshop is $25, even though there are scholarships
Learning Experiential Activities Program is a non profit body working for the improvement of Bisbee Community as well as their surrounding regions through sports, recreational and educational activities and experiences. This offers programs for kids aged pre Kindergarten to twelfth grade.

The youth programs would keep a whole lot of kids children engaged in character building and positive activities. The aims of their programs are to educate, enrich and entertain the community youth through affordable programming. Learning Experiential Activities Program also employs kids in active lifestyles to deal the rise in chronic childhood health issues such as obesity and diabetes; getting children outside engaging with natural world in order to halt the rise of nature deficit disorder as well as their numerous side effects and also to give away youth to a range of scopes in sports and recreation.


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