Photographing Like I was 13 again – 5 Min Portrait with FILM

Portrait Photography Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. Jared – I’m amazed that you can get that good of results with that camera. A couple weeks ago I struggled with my D90/18-200 zoom at my daughter’s school BB games in a dark gym. I wish you had been there to give me some pointers… I’m trying to find a 50mm 1.4 D to see if that will lighten things up…

  2. Sniffing a small plastic container at a Jr. high school… Not suspicious at all! :p Gotta love the Fro!

  3. The first camera i ever used was the one on my cell phone at the age of 12 and my pictures turned out amazing. Your videos have helped me so much.

  4. Ashton Richardson

    My first camera was a Fuji too mine was a digital point and shoot It wasn’t that bad I’m gonna try using it again just like you

  5. The best camera is the one you can’t afford

  6. Was you shooting RAW?

  7. I love film. But I don’t have enough money or time to do so. One day…

  8. drummer4rmh3ll

    sony a100 i have the stock lens so i cant seem to get really sharp images. it starts getting noise at 400 iso but 800 is just horrible

  9. The Best camera is the one that you left at home.

  10. “The Best camera is the one thats with you”

  11. Christopher Nicholson

    sorry ‘film days’

  12. Christopher Nicholson

    I was not in the film dads but my dad and grandad used film and he still has his and he use to develop his own film it was fun watching him I just got my first dslr nikon d3100 and I do soccer games for my school

  13. Me too Leslie. I process and print film on a Fuji film processor and Fuji Frontier printer these days. I must have spent 2+ years installing and servicing Kmart stores in PA and NJ. They all got the Noritsu V-30 and QSS-2611 printers.

  14. I thought so! I used to develop photos for kmart back in the day when they had a I develop film on fuji machines!

  15. Valentino Woods

    That sounds like a dream i wish i had your dad.

  16. Horizonticals always make me smile.

  17. I’m twelve just started photography and in the beginning I went out with my dad and we got all the things needed to develop and print film we would stay up till five in the morning developing.

  18. Hessel Folkertsma

    Thanks dude! :-)

  19. Too light on the negs = Under exposed, too dark on the negs = Over exposed. Just a slight correction 🙂

  20. No way, you were on IMTP! You were the best!

  21. Just got time to watch this video now and I must say although I am much younger, I did the same thing when I started out with a digital point and shoot. I have the D7000 now and hopefully the D4 in the future, but i will always anticipate the shot. Motor driving is a great invention, but sometimes I just try to relax and shoot one at a time after anticipating and I love the results. Definitely the fundamental skill of sports photography. Thanks for reliving my early days as well in this video!!

  22. Santaji Shirke

    Awesome to see a digital junkie like you shooting film! You should try shold try using a good quality manual focus SLR from the 70s or 80s instead of a shitty 90s point and shoot.

  23. reminds me of when I used to process film at target

  24. Nick Villarreal

    sniffing camera stuff since ’94