Photographic Lighting Made simple! DSLR 3 Light Portrait Lesson Part One_1.mp4

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. good job man !!

  2. how big is that dolly that the cameramen is using ?

  3. TheSlantedLens

    The rim umbrella is pointed at the subject.The head is pointed at the umbrella. If the head is close to the umbrella it will not spill out and light the background. If the head is to far form the background then it will spill out and put unwanted light on the background.

  4. .mp4 hehe

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  6. TheSlantedLens

    The speed rings that the octodome hooks to can get hot after shooting for a bit and when you are on set moving a lot of equipment, it is nice to some good gloves on for better grip.

  7. At 0:39 the man uses a pair of gloves to fit the octogone on the strobe… Why?

  8. SUB x SUB

  9. Someone teach that guy how to hold a Sax. Please!

  10. nice video

  11. Very well done. Marking for future use!

  12. FreemanDGospelRapper

    this helped me a lot..I use my lighting to record music videos..but this has shown me another side to lighting~

  13. Hello!
    I have a question. When you ad rim light in the why it did not lit the background though it was slightly facing the BG?

  14. TheSlantedLens

    I use ISO 160.

  15. how many ISO did you used for this photo?

  16. TheSlantedLens

    To keep the umbrella from creating a flair in the camera I turn it slightly away from the camera or add a flag. I am planning on doing a series of classes later this year. We will keep you posted.

  17. I have 2 questions for you Mr.Morgan: How do you keep the rim light from the umbrella flaring into the lens? Do you teach classes on lighting?

  18. TheSlantedLens

    For still work I use strobes and for video I use continuous lighting. There are some great shooters out there using continuous lighting for stills. For me strobes are still the way to go.

  19. For studio / portrait photography do you recommend the continuous lighting or would you recommend to use speed lights through the same setup (3 point lighting setup)?

  20. Do you find that smile creepy?

  21. The BEST I’ve seen — and I’ve seen Many!! I will be using this for an upcoming photo shoot. It has a somewhat ‘glamourous’ look without over-doing it..

  22. risottoporcini

    Woow… Just that easy… I tried shooting 1 light source only but now, i can do more better.. Thanks!

  23. cadmiumpureland

    This is the best video for learning about lighting. The camera moves around, letting us see the various setup and also the comparison of the photos taken with different lighting. Thank you so much.

  24. LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!

  25. Good stuff!!! Bravo