Photographer takes Twitter to court

A photographer has set up a copyright infringement lawsuit against social networking giant Twitter, stating that the social media firm did not remove a photo taken by her that was posted without her permission. She told that the company did not act even after she passed several DMCA takedown requests to have the photo deleted.


According to reports, Jenny B Campbell, the Wisconsin-based photographer, filed her charge at a federal court in California earlier this week. Jennifer stated that after she discovered that her snaps being uploaded on Twitter, she reportedly sent 28 notices to the company about a large number of infringements. The company acted on a few of them, but 50 of the 56 infringements were not taken down.

The snap at the center of the lawsuit is named “Red Lips And Microphone,” and it is being sold by Jennifer as a fine art print. It appeared that this snap was taken and modified via image manipulation program to promote an annual “Poetic Justice” program at University of North Texas. The photo was retweeted several times by those helping to promote the event, including Tim Hensel.

Reilly stated that what has happened in this case is that the social networking giant had actual knowledge of the Infringing Uses. Twitter acted willfully. Alternatively, they directly infringed Jennifer’s copyrights by continuing to allow public access to the Infringing Uses on Twitter’s server.

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