Photographer captures ‘everyman’ lives

These days, as we see, people are leading a life that is undoubtedly too busy. And, a lot of us really could not admire how extraordinary life could be. When Dave Imms came to realize this, he began clicking portraits that give magnificent insight into the lives of the each and everyone.
From mechanics, butchers, factory workers, referees, to deer hunters, undertakers, squash players, dog walkers, Dave finds inspiration by digging into the worlds found around him.
While speaking to a leading UK based newspaper, he told that the influence for his projects could come from several places. For instance, “The Butchers” came about from watching Gangs of New York. But throughout all the inspirations, the constant is that he wants to celebrate the banal and show people that the ordinary is exceptional.
He further went on to say that people dedicate their lives to their jobs and pastimes. At times, this is forfeiture, other times a labor of love. At times controversial, like the deer hunting, and other times so assumed as normal that it becomes invisible, like a project on mathematicians that he is working on at the moment.
Dave does not utilize captions for his snaps but does associate phrases he has heard people telling while staying engaged in a project. His favorite came when clicking picture a group of 1st World War battle re-enactors, when one of the sergeants said to the crowd that they would be recreating the first day of the Battle of the Somme. He expected that everyone would relish it.

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