Photo Editing Tutorial – Portrait Photography RAW EDIT 44

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  1. Faisal2000ish

    Jared wins!

  2. Jared won this time.

  3. Ha, thanks a lot Ashkibala! =D

  4. thanks for this vid jared and adam!

  5. WOW JARED! do you honestly think it would be a “GOOD IDEA” for the government to make more laws that control what we do with are property? damn man i thought you were more intelligent then that!

  6. hahaha! he’s ‘impatient’ as he states himself! but yeah he should let adam speak…..

  7. THANKS!

  8. Ctrl+/ will give you all the shortcuts you need.

  9. digital-photography-school . com / how-to-calibrate-your-monitor

  10. Adam! dont use erase tool in photoshop to erase layers, you should be using a layer mask then using the brush tool.

    By using the eraser tool its harder to get back the layer you deleted, using the brush tool you can switch between black and white and repaint back what you have erased.

  11. silversurfer5400

    thanks for sharing all this useful information adam! good stuff

  12. adam please make a video on lightroom shortcuts

  13. please start podcasting asap!!! i could listen on the bus on the way to school in the uk

  14. ur right i need to just do my thing as to my style and go from there. thanks

  15. Adam, you’re the best! Thanks for showing us how to do the masking when adjusting exposure and blacks. It’s been really helpful

  16. its a shame jared has to keep explaining himself for he’s views on photo editing and apologising for having an opinion.

  17. i don’t like over editing like adam did, keep it natural man, imperfections are cool!

  18. Jared, do you calibrate your monitor?

  19. i like jareds… except from the magenta

  20. drifter281lottie331

    <3 Adems Peado breard! <3

  21. I think editing a digital photo can be complicated. How do I know when it is “done right”? I don’t like when photos look overdone, but sometimes I don’t know when to finish  a photo myself. The image on the left looks unnatural when compared to the image on the right. Jonathan Canlas uses film because there is not need for hours of editing. In the FIND guide,he states he only spends a few minutes on a photo, which makes more time with his family.

  22. Adam is brilliant!!

  23. “Seriously Jared you think your edit looks good? I am sorry but Adam is the man! At least he does not pretend to know what he is doing.” – I agree, I love what Jared is doing, but he comes across as a massive poser.

  24. he holds down the Alt key to mask off the sharpening!