People Of Vietnam. Travel Photography

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  1. I’m gonna travel this country. I love these Vietnamese people.

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  3. robloxpwnmaster3

    china is better than vietnam

  4. robloxpwnmaster3

    because they r terroists

  5. robloxpwnmaster3

    burn those fuckers in hell

  6. I’m returning for my 3rd time in three years in January 2012,I’ll be there for TeT on the 23rd,Its going to be so much fun.

  7. each times I visit this video, I click “like” button but don’t feel enough.

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  9. i especially love the photos of the hill tribe people

  10. This was very nice. I wish I could have viewed Vietnam this way in 1966-67. , But I had my mission. I must say the Vietnamese People treated me very well and were kind. You gotta Love the Children.

  11. vietnamtravelmail

    Nice video and arrange in descending order from old to young and then children.

  12. I like your slideshow very very much. The photos & music are nice. Thanks for sharing ^^ I hope to see your next video.

  13. Very nicely done. We are headed there in seven days. I will also focus on the people in the photographs that I take. Thanks for sharing.

  14. helo im Filipino too…why you Love Vietnam?

  15. thanks for it

  16. Helo i like your show….How lovely it is”

  17. très bon travail. bravo. Je regards plusieurs fois mais j’ai l’impression toujours comme pour la première fois. Le regard des gentils vietnamiens. Oh, quel regard
    Merci encore

  18. I’m a amateur photographer

  19. are you a photographer? I would like to know of your work or perhaps a website?

  20. many thanks for your kind comments! I’d like to go to Vietnam again. I went to SG and Mekong delta, I did some pictures to people, Countryside is very damaged by factories and roads and bridges there. Northern Viet is better for my taste… Vietnamese are fierce, shy, sweet children, graceful women with porcelain skin!

  21. Maybe next time, there will be a video of the South? I don’t mean SG area, but of the whole southern region in general. I really love this video. You captured the true beauty, pain and suffering of what this country got to offer. They are pure innocent in their own way. I love the smiles and laughs. It’s like you took away their hectic, caniving lifestyle away with through your lens(es). Thank you!

  22. thanks!!
    Music: Yanni – Nightingale

  23. what’s the name of this music? it’s so beautiful!
    great video!

  24. vietnamese have gentle eyes and smile,but somewhat sad…