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Portrait Pictures Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Prathamesh Mhatre

    Awesome video Jibran… keep the goo d work. I have a question regarding ISO. I saw that you had couple of images with 500 ISO, but still didn’t had much noise. I use a Nikon D5100 but I get very noisy image with ISO 400 does the quality of lens also matters for less noisy image? I use a 18-55 mm kit lens.

  2. PhotographersOnUTube

    Not all Tamron lenses are great and the same can be said for both Nikon and Canon. This particular one 28-75 2.8 is a great lens but you should be able to get it for less than 400 bucks used if that’s what they’re trying to sell you. And no, it would not be as sharp as the Canon 24-70L but for the price it’s a great lens specially as a walk around lens.

  3. Just beautiful pics. Question, I’m able to buy the tamron 28-75 f2.8 for around $400 and people say its just as good or even better then the canon 24-70L Lens. Is tamron pretty good?

  4. 5:00 creepy as hell

  5. Useful tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more videos & tips.

  6. PhotographersOnUTube

    Thank you much! Don’t forget to subscribe as summer is around the corner and I’ll start doing outdoor shoots again. Thanks for watching!

  7. great video. I like the composition and the poses.

  8. Amaazing pictures thankd aloot for tutorials helps alot since im a beginner to dslr photography. Got a nikon d5100. My question is to get the old gray effect is it light room?? Or monochrome effect on camera or else sometging else?? Ive noticed uv used it alot. Im a big fan of it. Thank you!

  9. PhotographersOnUTube

    I own D3s so both D300s and D400 would be a downgrade for me. I will be getting D700 as a backup to D3s though.

  10. Do you think that you would upgrade to a D300s or a D400 if it ever comes out?

  11. I love your channel!

  12. PhotographersOnUTube

    No, I don’t use auto ISO. I use it in 1/3 steps sometimes. Scroll down for a detailed reply on auto ISO.

  13. Do you have your iso on auto?

  14. Thanks for posting I have a a engagement shoot tomorrow so I im watching your video’s to help me improve I’ll share some on your face book page when i edit

  15. PhotographersOnUTube

    It’s Sayen Garden in Hamilton Square. I live close to Princeton area so it’s near by and I know the place quite well so when I schedule multiple shoots, I do them here so I don’t have to spend 40 minutes going to another location and back to another random spot. This saves me time which allows me to schedule 3, 4 shoots in a day to make good money while having fun at the same time. After our shoots, my wife and I go out to eat to relax. It’s always fun.

  16. I loved this video, It took me a while to get here because I’m taking your lessons step by step in order, actually this is the second time that I’m doing it and only now I am seeing some ramdom from this site.
    So, on this video, you were saying that the location was very conviniente, I guess this is in jersey? where is it? Thank you so much for the videos!
    God bless you.

  17. PhotographersOnUTube

    You have to follow some composition rules as well. If I zoom in, I’d lose the dreamy water on the sides and that defeats the whole purpose of dragging the shutter speed to create the effect. It’s not just a portrait, it’s telling a whole story.

  18. Sorry i should maybe word it differently. I meant the last photo doesnt show the couples faces very clear.. I was wondering if its because you were too far from the subject or was it supposed to be like that. Thanks

  19. PhotographersOnUTube

    I honestly have no idea what your comment meant. Last photo I took the photo too far?

  20. I think the last photo u took the photo too far… Otherwise I like alot of your other photos… some very good ones.. very tasteful

  21. PhotographersOnUTube

    Thank you! Actually the toes and knee is not cut off. I says that Movie Maker cropped the image. I’ll post the actual uncropped image on the facebook page.

  22. Great job! Liked composition, except you cut toes and knee off in the first picture. Also I’m not very into that “orange old style” edit. It’s just my opinion 🙂 Good luck!

  23. Is there website that allows you to download Lightroom 3 software?

  24. PhotographersOnUTube

    Thank you! Please scroll down for detailed answer on lenses.

  25. Amazing pictures. What lens did you use? Also what prime lens do you recommended for D7000?