Orbis Ring Flash Kit: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. your comment is useless too, but cheap

  2. ?! why useless

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  4. trevorpinnocky

    Seems amazingly cheap for the functionality you get.  That was lovely light in those portraits btw.

  5. useless expensive shit

  6. are you ever going to do a review of the olypmus E5?

  7. you don’t really look comfortable holding that ring flash kit while shooting the model. were you?

  8. nice… she looks like Penelope Cruz, yes preeze ;P

  9. You’ll be doing TTL (through-the-lens) metering, which means that the camera/flash system is already compensating for the loss as far as it can. Once the flash is at full power, though, you can’t force it to go any higher, so you can get too far away from your subject for the amount of light your flash can throw. You would need to increase the ISO sensitivity to be able to work at a greater distance with the same amount of light.

  10. an 85 is what i use and i love it. if you want to stay in primes, 35, 50, 85 or good budget primes. nikon or canon?

  11. Secondly, another beginner question, if wanting to compensate for light loss thru the modifier, should the shooter increase exposure compensation via the camera +/- compensation or override the flash power to deliver more light to give the high key look?

  12. Beginner slightly off topic question – if doing a portrait shot such as in the video example, what would be a preferred focal length? In my gear (DX format) I have a 35mm prime which would be my pick, but is it too wide? I read that on DX format the 35mm is similar to around 50mm full frame. I guess it depends on the subject and the wanted effect, but as a rule of thumb, is something closer to 85 or 105 preferred? My other lens choice would be kit 18-70 or 55-200. thanks

  13. Nice review very useful. I think it is expensive though. Greetings from Spain.

  14. You compared this to your prophoto kit, but i’m curious how you think it compares to the Alien Bee Ring Flash which is only $400

  15. And, as I explained at the beginning of my comment, there are shadow patterns specific to ringlights that are appealing for some uses. A huge number of fashion and celebrity/portrait images made over the last couple of decades (most notably the SNL guest host pictures) were made using just a ring flash for lighting. Don’t get locked into any kind of “one and only way” thinking in any creative endeavor — you’re just needlessly restricting your artistic vocabulary.

  16. But here it was use as main and only light…….

  17. The Ray Flash needs to be a perfect fit for the flash and camera to get the lens properly centred in the ring and the unit securely connected to the flash, and it is kind of sensitive to position (it really can’t be used pointing down on many flashes since it will tilt the flash head). It *is* a good product, but it, too, has its compromises.

  18. The effect is different, but the light isn’t absolutely flat. Surfaces reflect less light back to the camera when they’re angled away from the parallel, so axial light (like ring lighting) produces distinct outlining of rounded forms. And when used as a fill light, ring lights have no peer — a ringlight will not produce secondary shadows or anomalous highlights. There’s a reason or two why working professionals pay serious money for these things.

  19. You get FLAT lighting when Photography is all about good light and this mean shadow as well. if you give full on flat light you lose so much that’s why it best to have off camera lighting

  20. Wouldn´t the Ray Ringblitz adapter 580EX be a better option? Dont need the arm-thingy then…

  21. Yes — if you use the flash in a dark environment. But remember, this isn’t a flash, it’s just a modifier for the flash you already have, so if your flash has a red-eye reduction mode, so does this rig. It’s not ordinarily a problem in the studio, though, since there’s enough ambient light available to close down the subject’s pupils to the point that the ring is far enough from the lens to prevent red-eye.

  22. another great review! constructive criticism!! looks like a nice product.. but ya, def. looks really front heavy!

  23. With the light coming from so close to the lens, do you risk ‘red eye’?

  24. 4.760 kg. Well you got to be ‘big’…lol…I use the rig flash with a T2i the 580exII and either the 15-85mm or (I like how they come out 8mm sigma wide wide rectilinear no batt grip. Still gets a bit of a burden but a few weeks a go did a wedding 1400 with a 5d a 24-105+ a 70-200 a 580 exII and a Gary Fong sort of flash attachement it was ym test…lol..regards…O

  25. I weighed my Canon 5D Mark II + BG-E6 + 70-200 f/2.8L IS II + ABR800 at my local UPS Store using their shipping scale and it came out to 10.48lbs.