Nikon D90 Video – Portrait Photography in 2009

Portrait Photography Video Score: four / five

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  1. Zaujalo -skvělé !!!

  2. 1.Sigma 30/1.4
    2.Nikon 18-200 VR

  3. What lens you used?

  4. wow really great video

  5. wow

  6. nice

  7. Taiwan

  8. is it real??

  9. location pls?


  10. woa its a beautiful video.. well captured expression …. music is awesome… i like
    it …. so much…

  11. @papaho2006 Can you please tell me how to use Nikon D90 Built-in Portrait set color?

  12. what the memory card type or name, r u using 4 this video??

  13. image quality a little disapointing… Great for photography but for video not so much

  14. they are beautiful :)

  15. It’s Nikon D90 Built-in Portrait set color

  16. what coulour settings did u use? – what programm ?

  17. Great work and great smiles. :)

  18. spontaneous face..i like.

  19. Excellent work … Did a really great job capturing personality with this 🙂

  20. Man that was intense. But I think u screwd something up in the post production… u lost a lot of quality.

  21. everyone is lovely and cute… nice… D90

  22. FD transform to Ais

  23. Canon 85/1.2 you say? Did you have to get a special adapter for that?

  24. Sigma 30/1.4
    Nikon 18-200VR
    Canon 85/1.2 L FD for Ais

  25. youve probably answered this but what lens(es) are you using?