Musee d’Orsay museum in Paris lifts ban on photography

Paris’s well-known museum The Musee d’Orsay that has several impressionist paintings, has lifted the ban on visitors clicking snapshots of their artworks after the culture minister of France openly jeered the restriction.

Now, this museum is aligning itself with regulations in force in other top museums in Paris as well as across the world that lets visitors to take snapshots as long as tripods and flashes are not used. The immediate lifting of all the no-photos rules that had been in place since the year 2009, introduced on Wednesday, 18th March, after French Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin took a snapshot of a canvas by artist Pierre Bonnard whose post-impressionist works are presently being showcased in the museum.

On 16th March, Monday, she posted that picture in Instagram sparking outcry by her followers and many others who complained that she was literally getting away with all the regulations that are applied on normal visitors.

The culture ministry of France has their own, non-binding, charter when it comes to photography in museums in France. The rule urges commonsense approaches to taking snaps in museums as long as it does not disturb other visitors or pose a threat to artworks.

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