Matt Granger Photography – Portraiture 2010

Portrait Photography Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Did you use photoshop or something like that?

  2. StevenScholten

    Hey Matt,
    stumbled upon this link. GREAT shoet man. Love them

  3. Bella24Forever

    What camera do you uses?

  4. thank you

  5. Amazing pictures, very emotional, not like many people can capture. Great job!

  6. that is lovely to hear. The hands are my father, the old man is his father (my grandad). The superman was fun – we (literally) had a bus full of chinese tourists pull up near us, get out with their cameras and shoot me shooting him – thinking he was a Aussie/Chinese celebrity 🙂

  7. Wow – I really love the hands with wrench image and the old man at 0:49. Superman at 2:11 and 2:47 really made me smile – I love comics! These are all wonderful, though – love the strong colors.

  8. cheers

  9. moviecrazy808

    Awesome images….thank you for sharing….

  10. thank you!

  11. mssissyphancypants

    Very inspiring! The last shot is my fav!

  12. great work dude, i like your style…cheers M8

  13. xaxaxaxa i am a photographer and i also use those ridiculous fonts…it is true…all photographers do that 😛

  14. I didn’t. There are two in Sydney well know for it, as they are so beautiful. And they were public cemetaries, maybe different if privately owned, or if has staff on site?

  15. Did you have any issues shooting in a cemetary? I am planning to shoot in a Chicago cemetary pretty soon and am wondering if I should just go and shoot or if I should get permission ahead of time.

  16. GOod question mate. Let me go check the file…

    I took it a while ago, but I think I had two flashes – both bare, one very high power off the camera left, and one lower to camera right. This was taken after dark in the park, the background already black before editing.

  17. awsome i really like a lot of these but the one with the guy kicking the soccor ball was that 1 or 2 flash’s? one on the ground one on the man?

  18. I don’t know. Why?

  19. kiashadowwave

    why do photographers always use such ridiculous fonts