Maternity Portraiture [Studio] – Part 1

Portrait Photography Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. Your comment is a SPAM!!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much. Are you into maternity photography?

  3. Nice video and I love the poses.

  4. Awesome work, I want to get into Maternity shots. Women have this Beautiful glow when they are Pregnant!!!

  5. Thanks for the hearty comment. I appreciate it.

  6. Best maternity video I ever seen!

  7. Lauren, I’m glad the video has helped you get ready for your session. Yrs ago when I 1st started shooting maternity pics I came across a photographer who’s images I loved and tried to emulate. Check out her site and use her ideas as a springboard to your own style. Do a Goggle search on linnea lenkus

    P.S.: Your fine art style of shooting is going to be a plus for you during the session, so shoot a lot, use your lighting to add dimension to the subject (tummy & body), and enjoy!

  8. Very helpful video. I’m more of a still life / fine art photographer but have been asked to photograph a friend’s baby bump.. Your video has made me feel more confident about the shoot, with ideas for poses and helping her to stay relaxed and comfortable in a studio environment. I was nervous about it before but now I can’t wait!

  9. You’re welcome. I wish you a lot of success in your endeavor to becoming a professional photographer. It’s a life-long adventure that you won’t regret. Never stop learning and seeing things within your mind’s eye.

  10. imacaligrl4life

    Love this! Thank you so much for posting this video. I’m studying to be a photographer, and I currently work in a photo studio. I’ve definitely learned some new poses! Thanks again!

  11. Yes. Totally florescent tubes.

  12. Is that continous lighting?

  13. Correct. Great mom and subject.

  14. PurpleKisses303

    She is so beautiful!

  15. Enjoyed!

  16. To answer your question there is only one light source: To the left is a 3×4 softbox with a 500W florescent tube and to the right of the subject is a 4×6 Lightform with a silver fabric attached. That’s it! Sometimes in a tight portrait I may add a 2×3 reflector underneath the subject to add a little sparkle in the eyes or to lighten up the shadows underneath the chin. I enjoy mastering the one light technique in my photography sessions.


  18. Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

  19. very poor lighting

  20. Thanks for the compliment.  Enjoy!

  21. Outstanding. Thank you.

  22. Glad I could encourage you in your photography and I appreciate your compliment!

  23. I love this! Thank you so much for giving the specifics. You truly are a pro.

  24. Yes, you’re correct I only used continuous lighting. I switched out my 3200K bulb in the 3×4 foot softbox for a 500W daylight CFL florescent tube. Exposure: 1/50@4.5 with the camera on a tripod & handheld. Canon 30D with17-55mm IS lens.

  25. Thanks.