Location portrait photography tips

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Sounds like good photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more great videos and tips.

  2. haha, the dog was poopin, awesome

  3. Also when taking the shots ya should be aware of Unidirectional elements on the Model/background/props (e.g. Text), and if for example you crop it and leave the right part free, and the magazine wants the left part free, they can’t invert it horizontaly without getting the text the wrong way round.

  4. Great vid as usual Dom

  5. FinlandApollo

    Nice job Dom, again, lots of important information. Thanks to you, and other fellows which are part of the N.H.H, I have became a better photograhper, I have learned lots of new techiques!!

    BTW, Thanks Dom that you made a tutorial how to fire flash wirelesly, without Pocket Wizards.

  6. @Dombowerphoto Dom, is your rubber slipping? :)). On the S5 pro or the D300 :). Do you have any problems with the grip rubber sliding slightly out of place as the camera’s used? If yes, what do you do about it? I’m thinking of either super-gluing it in place or buying a set of camera armor (but that’s only if they also make one that covers the battery grip …

  7. Dombowerphoto

    check the video with this in it


  8. how do you trigger sb900s so far apart with cls?

  9. thanks for the info. I saw your review and others on the tokina and it looks like a great lens. solid build and image quality. It seems like it is in high demand though. sites like BandH are out of stock and their the cheapest for me. I hope they get them in soon. I’m itching for a new piece of good quality lens lol.

  10. Dombowerphoto

    15-85 has even more distortion get the tokina

  11. Dombowerphoto

    i have been shooting for them for a couple of years now. but need some more magazines under the belt i think

  12. Nice. Congrats on landing the photo shoot for a major publication man. 

  13. hehe i’m saving for better glass. I’m looking at either the Canon 15-85 or tokina 11-16. I shoot mostly landscape which is why i like the tokina but the canon is a very good walk around lens. I can’t decide yet lol.

  14. Dombowerphoto

    the kit lens has a lot of distrotion, cos it is a crap lens. the better the lens the less distortion usually

  15. @OriginalNutterEDITS thanks. theres distortion even on the standard 18-55 kit lens? I only use the kit and still lightroom, i guess straightens the picture? I dont even have the fish eye or wide angle lenses .

  16. cool thanks 

  17. Thanks for the great vids Dom, keep em coming !

  18. Hi

    When you use a wide-angle lens your image will be ’round’ on the edges. Straight lines will bend etc. So with that lens correction you can restore that.

    Right, dom?

  19. Great video.
    I have a question relating to lightroom. What does the “lens correction” on the right side of the develop panel exactly do? When I apply it for my camera it snaps the picture back in place. I think thats what it does not sure.

  20. Nice one. Funny to see the weird picture again!

  21. love the underexposed + flash. definitely gives me something to try out.