Lensbaby Senior Portrait Photography Tips with Holli True

Portrait Photography Video Score: four / five

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  1. tilt-shift lenses offer more control over the blurry parts of the image and above that the photos look considerably more professional

  2. That’s what all the amateurs think.

  3. Franandphotos

    I think you did really well! I’m finding it very difficult to focus with my composer, it’s definately a talent!!

  4. themattmitchell


  5. idontwanttotalkabout

    Radial blur photoshop, save yourself some money!

  6. Yuck

  7. WOW, amazing photos.

  8. LensbabyMovies

    Hi @ksearles85 – when students enter their senior year of high school they often have special portraits taken for the yearbook and to commemorate the milestone of graduation from high school

  9. Sorry but what is a Senior Portrait? …

  10. “it allows me to produce a photo that looks completely unique and something that I can put my own spin on” well not really because any one who uses a lens baby lens will have almost exactly same or similar look.

  11. 21 ? :O,wuhuu,great.

  12. LensbabyMovies

    I believe it’s around 21 megapixels

  13. yeah i didnt watched the full video, at 2:08 we can see it, and i forgot how many megapixel is it ?

  14. LensbabyMovies

    Hi @chutrra, Holli is shooting with a 5D Mk II in this video.

  15. what kind of canon is she holding ? is it canon 1D ?


  17. Awesome! It’s great how she’s being creative/different, yet is still making great images in the process!

  18. messylilpuddles

    Great video