Last opportunity to see British Wildlife Photography Awards

Wildlife and photography fans have their last scope to see a magnificent exhibit at the Nature in Art. The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 exhibit is happening at the Twigworth museum committed to be breathed in by nature.

The magnificent display would end earlier on Sunday after having been spotted by hundreds and hundreds of visitors since the middle of September. The Awards relishes both the work of amateur and professional photographers as well as the diversity and beauty of the British wildlife.

Television presenter and naturalist, Chris Packham stated that every year the Brit Wildlife Photography Awards brings forth a great catalogue of exciting, splendid, artistic as well as imaginative snaps, offering beyond doubt that they have the richest palette of life to relish in peoples own backyard.

He added that anyone who is passionate when it comes to preserving and protecting wildlife would be inspired by British Wildlife Photography Awards that is in its 5th year has done more than any other award to heighten the profile of British wildlife.

Meanwhile, two curious polar bears bewitched with a wildlife enthusiasts GoPro shooter has resulted in this magnificent footage. David Swindler was there on boat near the Alaskan city of Kaktovik when the pesky couple started chasing after his boat.

The 35 year old stated that on one occasion, some 2 year old bear cubs were wrestling in the water. They were going for it for almost an hour.

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