Landscape Photography Tips – David Oliver

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. Both cameras are awesome.

  2. scotland = amazing scenery

  3. canon Sucks Completely,, Nikon Rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nikon sucks

  5. This guy is on his squares.

  6. i shoot nikon, but these videos are hopeless. people watching these videos would not be be able to afford shooting with a D3X and that monster 2.8 lens. 😛

  7. The music is actually from Adorama TV (Mark Wallace) 😉

  8. david oliver mostly uses leica camera… he’s my idol..

  9. UncleDeadly75

    Totally misleading title and the video failed to sell me Nikon.

  10. he said nik software not nikons NX software. totally different companies and programs.

  11. Canons are why much better 😀

  12. evanoc12345678

    nikon Nikon NIKON NIKON NIKON!!!!!! tips? BLAHHHHH free adverts on youtube

  13. In wedding photography interview I’ve seen, he used and advocated a Leica rangefinder camera. Wonder what made him switch to Nikon?

  14. He is a Leica camera user!

  15. I like his glasses, what brand are they?

  16. Somehow I know this guy ain’t usin’ the nikon software for editing.

  17. Tripods are not obsolete. Obviously a beautifully done 60 second exposure cannot be done with one.

  18. Aside from the advertising nature of this clip some of the ideas behind it are great.

  19. is this guy a photographer or a Nikon marketing exec. ?

  20. Thanks for the obvious statement

  21. Thanks for teaching me nothing- warning! this is just an advert.

  22. nawet nie próbuje zrozumieć ale patrze jak gada.

  23. JanErikEdvartsen

    Hey, what’s the Digital Rev music doing in the background. And where’s Kai and his sexual-themed jokes? 🙂