Julia – Sixy Second Portrait – shot on Canon 7D

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. Great what is the name of this song?

  2. 1:05-1:10 will make your heart skip a beat.

  3. I almost just had a relationship watching this.

    It began sultry and seductive, then honest and tender, and finally at-ease, laughing, relaxed, and sweetly disheveled.

    …Okay, well some parts are missing. Mainly, the fights, the breakup and me.

  4. Can please add more info on video like about lighting and lenz used etc

  5. I really like this concept. Good job and Julia is beautiful!

  6. songs name??

  7. camcorderguides

    What a great video – 60 second portraits – interesting idea!

  8. 1:12 is the best

  9. lawrenceofaus

    Wow, I love the idea of a 60 second portrait. So much of the character comes through in 60 seconds. So much more than in a 1/4000 of a second photo.
    And she is beautiful too.

  10. love this video!!!


  12. very beautiful girl :)

  13. That look at 0:47 hehehehe makes me giddy.

  14. pocalujzabkewlapke

    I’ve never seen an angel before

  15. emovegetarianspider


  16. did you shoot at 1.4?

  17. This video is the most beautiful thig I have ever seen! And, I wonder where to find the song! Please answer meeee! Cheers!

  18. YouCMeTrollin

    @Pestilence86 – even if there’s no story , it’s still better than anything in activityphoto’s stream.

  19. I think this was created to show how easy it is to fall in love over youtube.

  20. the point is “open to interpretation” 😉

  21. ActivityPhoto

    She is beautiful, but what is the point of this video?

  22. mesmerizing!

  23. rinaarielleselva

    i want a shoot like this too! 🙂 youre so good!