It’s all about the Jaw!

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  1. Gordon The Gamer

    I love peters infectious enthusiasm when he gets someone from looking good to looking awesome.

  2. Brilliant!!!

  3. if heath ledger is still alive, slightly older and have that scruffy thing on,…he’d look just like you.

  4. Amazing tips!!!

  5. SHABANG! HAHAH! You crack me up! hahah! FANTASTIC VIDEO! BRAVO! if you will ever come to Tokyo call me! I`m modeling here and you are so funny photographer! THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO! please make more! =) SHABANG! ciao!!!!

  6. “…and I shoot them laughing”

  7. This is amazing. It really helps me. I’ve got your DVD and I’m working on it. I will post some photos to ph2pro soon!

  8. You rock man. Thanks for sharing!


  10. lmao i knew about the jawline, i’m obsessed with it too. lmao an yu crack me up, yu’d get some good smiles out of me, and i hate my smiles XD

  11. SHA BANG

  12. but I think it works when photos are taking in studio, but when I would do this when somebody take photo on party or something I would look like E.T ;D

  13. بريسمة شداج

    any tips when taking pics of oneself?

  14. Doesn’t this technique cut off the length of the neck a bit though?

  15. You are absolutely incredible!!! Such a simple move, with such incredible results! You really make me want to get back into photography 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  16. very informative, thank you!

  17. Honestly I like the first guy’s picture where his head is a little out but not the one you consider the “best.” his head going forward messes with his proportions, making his head look big and shoulders look small, which is not a flattering look on a guy! Small shoulders are ugly :-/. So its important not to overdo this.

  18. Thanks! Well worth watching


  20. Ur a madd genius. The hair works om multiple levels.

  21. Would this work with a beard?

  22. ur a funny guy, very simple humor :)

  23. This is a freakin’ awesome video…Thanks!

  24. BarbarianWorkout


  25. quelnomchoisir26

    Nice video. Peter is soooo cute 🙂