iPhone Portrait Photography Crash Course | How to take great images with your iPhone or Cell Phone

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Great and helpful video, thank you! I’m having fun with the new aps.

  2. BonusVideoView

    Sounds like good photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more great videos and tips.

  3. benedettoczrpbiu72O

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  4. lol guess u didnt watch the video, now you look like a retard lmao

  5. lol guess u didnt watch the video, now you look like a retard lmao

  6. MichaelTheMentor

    Thank you!

  7. Michael,you are an excellent teacher and inspiration to all budding photo enthusiast. Keep it up!!hope to see more videos!!!

  8. MichaelTheMentor


  9. is this in phoenix?

  10. manggusting09

    awsome thanks man you help me alot

  11. awesome!

  12. why titled iphone specifically and not camera phone in general?

  13. buddy your video’s are awesome your tutorials help so much keep it up

  14. Congratulations! Very good video.

  15. hahaha! For those who want to know what we are talking about it’s right here 5:52

  16. Exactly, I kept watching it over and over and over again! =D

  17. Mike, I was all ears until you introduced your model. Then, my focus took a detour. LOL!

    All in all, it’s a great introductory video. Thanks for that. 🙂

  18. Yea, exactly what I was thinking! lolllllll

  19. hahaha: “go get me a beer, woman!”

  20. MichaelTheMentor

    LOL- Good one! Did you even watch the video? Looks like you missed the point my friend.

  21. this may replace a point and shoot (and a very crappy one!) but phones aren’t cameras, that is why the white balance is horrible, the focal length is horrible, the focus in most phones (maybe not in your precious iPhone 4)… etc…

  22. SO, if you don’t like APPLE, go somewhere else or to your closet and gripe….Awesome video, took a lot of work. I love having a camera with me all the time and taking photos of what I want. If I were aspiring to be a professional photographer I would be on another web site.

  23. The best part was when you said “Go Stand Over There!” LOL…

  24. nice work , stunning models too !

  25. MichaelTheMentor

    LOL- Awesome! You clearly missed the whole point of this video…did you even watch it?