Introduction to portrait photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. i liked “camera would be handy” ;)))

  2. jaidevchatanat

    Thanks . The videos are really helpful !! – Jaidev

  3. BirdOfParadise777

    Your final shot is fabulous! Thank you for all of that information:) People skills don’t come easy for some folks! lol
    I remember my amazement when I realized that how we see ourselves is not how other people see us. We may not like it but our friends like us just fine. If we changed it so we were happy with it, our “uniqueness” would disappear… we would all look symmetrical:)

  4. BirdOfParadise777

    You do have a very pleasant voice:)

  5. AppleGameification

    Just what I need! You have a wide range of skills, and you’re willing to share it to everyone! I will be definately looking for more portrait videos.

  6. Great I’m glad you enjoy them.

  7. Great videos! Just watching this now after watching the “Bottle and glass” vid – great stuff. I need to go and buy a desk light now!

  8. Cheerz

  9. Don’t worry, slowly more and more people will watch your videos =)
    It’s my first day watching your videos and I like them very much. Very informative =D

  10. Thank you do much for another really informative and helpful video Phil…love your style it really is user friendly

    Just wrapping the WD 40 for that squeak ,all the best

  11. Just keep them comming love em all 🙂

  12. thanks phill, looking forward to watching the next vid!

  13. @Toops144
    It’s a pleasure, maybe a bit long winded but I always liked the sound of my own voice 🙂

  14. Thanks for that, there are a lot of guys doing vids out there on you tube with a lot more views but I’m trying to catch up 🙂

  15. As ever, Phill. Most useful videos on YouTube. Thank you.