Indoor Portrait Lighting

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  1. lisagallaharphotogra

    Thank you SO very much. You taught me so much in such a short time. Much appreciated from someone in the USA. For those of you who think your “just kidding” and “lol” and negative comments are enjoyable, YOU’RE WRONG!! What a very nice thing he did for those of us who want to learn. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Shame on you!

  2. terrific information. exactly what i was trying to find.

  3. missalisonhamiltonUK

    If using a specific shutter speed you are best to use the Manual settings, or Time Value/Shutter Priority, not Aperture Priority.

  4. Great Job on your expose. I whish that you would have shown the positon of light and the white paper. Thanks

  5. Thank you James for the clear and concise explanations. It is truly appreciated.


  7. I can’t stand your accent man. it’s “quite dreadful” lol

  8. rickydelatejera

    I really found it resourceful!! Thank you very much for the tips!
    However, coming from an expert in portraiture it was a bit uncomfortable to see you down to the bottom ride side of the screen through the whole video. (A Really bad composition) But then again it was either a miscalculation on your part, or the person who taped it, really needs to take lessons from you right?
    Just kidding!! Thank you very much again for the video!!!

  9. Actually this is a very very good tips! Thanks for sharing. For those who’re trying to be funny with their smart ass comments, here are some thumbs down for you.

  10. is this guy a pedo?

  11. helpful !

  12. looks like Dr. Phil and ZZtop had a baby….no but seriously this was a pretty good video, very basic but extremely helpful to a novice or beginner , good stuff in deed! Thanks kyla, for the Video and for being a good sport! going now to your sight , cheers!

  13. shut your ass up hahahahahahahaha! man that was funny, he does look like Bin Laden chubby cousin!,…Lol!

  14. SnapHappyChappy

    Excellent tips and demo photos. Thankyou.

  15. Fancy putting you head on upside down 😛 Good video though!

  16. Loved this thank you

  17. very informative…. even if it does look like an al qaeda terrorist video!!

  18. If attempting to recreate light closest to natural lights the most important thing in studio photography, why not to have one of the studio’s walls with a huge window to allow natural light to come in and to complement the lights you are already using????

  19. Thanks for the great tips!

  20. Good information! Nice and specific.

  21. thank you super helpful

  22. UnDeadKnight1

    Thank you I learned a lot from you!

  23. It would have been more impressive if he used photo’s that were window lit and not lit with studio lights

  24. Nice one

  25. Ginofreelancephoto

    Very good tutorial.
    Many thanks for sharing your expertise.