How to Photograph Kids, Babies, Children: A Portrait Tutorial

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  1. I have a question for Samantha, Hi, did you use spot metering or center
    weight metering? Thank you

  2. hi your videos are great and informative I am planning to buy dslr as a
    beginner what mdoel you would suggest from nikon

  3. Check Chapter 2 of my buyers guide at sdpcommunity*com for recommendations.
    The eBook is free for a few days.

  4. That’s a great video…. again! A number of really nice shots of the young
    models. How Annette interacts with the kids is just great. By the way, with
    grass as background it is easy to let eg feet disappear with the clone
    brush in Photoshop.

  5. That’s just Sam’s style. I’m usually in Aperture Priority mode. Mode info
    in Chapter 4 of Stunning Digital Photography.

  6. She’s really.good.. thanks for sharing Tony!

  7. We wouldn’t have invited Samantha on if we weren’t fully confident in her
    skills. She’s very talented. One thing to consider is that during a normal
    shoot, you have a lot of time to reposition your model and play with
    lighting. WHen you’re taking pictures during a video there’s a lot of
    pressure to get your photo fast while trying to be instructional. It’s very

  8. I liked what I saw. Nice photograph

  9. Chelsea and I show you how to get great portraits of kids with a
    behind-the-scenes photo shoot by Samantha.

  10. I love your videos and I have added your book to my Amazon wishlist. 🙂 I
    am wondering why you prefer Canon over other camera brands such as Nikon?
    Just curious!

  11. Willenaldo Almeida

    Bom , bom! Muito bom n__n Brazil – Crato – Ceará

  12. I like the way this girl talks.

  13. She is wonderful ! Thanks for the video guys

  14. My first camera was a Diana, just like your shirt, i was only 6 or 7 years
    old. It started it all 🙂

  15. Thanks for making these great videos!! Love themmmm!! Keep them coming
    please!! I learn something new in every video. Thank you!!!

  16. Hey guys I’m looking for the best camera for youtube and for less cheaper

  17. Of those, definitely your 55-250. Check another one of our recent videos
    for a discussion of portrait equipment, again featuring Sam.

  18. They said in another video, that it doesn’t matter which camera brand you
    pick up and that he just ended up getting a Canon back in the day. If you
    invest in lenses over the time, switching brands becomes pretty
    unattractive. So I wouldn’t say they prefer Canon over other brands 😉

  19. This is very helpful you should post more photoshoots! I’ve only just
    recently got my first SLR so I want to see things like this.

  20. Heya, Barry. It’s more art than science, and it depends on how closely
    aligned the subjects’ faces are to each other, how much of a tilt the head
    has, how far away you are, and as you mention, the sensor size. You get a
    feel for it, take a test shot, and then zoom in to make sure all the eyes
    are reasonably sharp (though often they won’t be perfect). Check the Group
    Photos section in Chapter 6 of Stunning Digital Photography (links in the
    description) for more info.

  21. thank u

  22. Great tutorial.

  23. Willenaldo Almeida

    Parabéns Tony, Chelsea e Samantha ( wow muito linda garota)! Lindos
    cliques, Bem expressivos n__n . Ah sim Lembro daquele Tipo de luz do Seu
    Outro vídeo sobre “Light paniting” Virei Seu Inscrito a Partir daquele
    Momento n__n. Brasil – Crato – Ceará

  24. Once again a great video with loads of useful info. Great to see a shoot
    and how this can be done with nothing but reflectors and ambient light.
    Also to see how something so ordinary like smalltalk a bit of clowning can
    break the tension and loosen up the subject. Thx!