Home Studio Portrait Lighting Setup for Beauty Photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. brilliant! thank you

  2. BonusVideoView

    Very helpful! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful videos & tips.

  3. Brüno ?

  4. @nwlleaa you are correct. i got my Canon EOS 5D and i was searching for a killer software to edit my captured photos. But i heard that many photography experts are using this software to give attractive effects to their photos after they capture it. i got it from here >-> bit.ly/Kkuhy7?=dvdbae

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. What size of umbrella were you using here?

  7. you are amazing sooooooooooooo informative, simple, and right to the point <3 I'M CHECKIN OUT ALL UR WORK

  8. great inspirational video, cute shirt

  9. acierman7589261

    simple yet amazing ….just goes to prove that you dont need 1000$ studio strobes with 400$ soft boxes to have a great studio shot…you are amazing …great vid…thanks for sharing!

  10. what aperture are you shooting in? I would like to know. thank you.

  11. Why I love your channel more than any other? ‘Cos you always give the most simple and practical solutions and using Speedlites, rather than having us lunking around those humongous and heavy studio lights.

    Thank you so much! Good light to you too! 🙂

  12. You are awesome!~ Thank you!

  13. I love your videos, Great tips and using Camera gear we’d all have, And you take some Brilliant photos as well, Thanks for all the good advice.

  14. This guy took an arrow in the knee?

  15. You’re a great person. Thank you for existing.

  16. A coat hanger! Brilliant!

  17. Love it

  18. Great video – really appreciate you posting stuff like this!

  19. You are a refreshing photographer. I like you, am always striving to keep lighting simple but effective. Like all your videos so far. Keep up the good work.

  20. lol. standard lighting setup but outstanding room scouting technique

  21. i think ive seen your videos on itunes before 🙂

  22. so cool love it you r a very talented photographer

  23. one angry looking model lol

  24. MegaChristylou

    you also have a flash mounted on your camera?

  25. MegaChristylou

    you also have a flash mounted on your camera?