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  1. LightingShowroom

    Appreciated your efforts

  2. i see a puppy! hello puppy =)

  3. paullesoudeur

    i have opus and it sucks …..get ready for changing fuses often ….flashes need a cooling fan …opus forgot to add fans to the lights …damn idiot ….its ok for a little shoot ….but for shooting 100 pics in a row …forget it …go out and spend an exctra 100$ on a flash with a fan …saves you trouble and money in the long run

  4. thanks

  5. thank you David for another good one…..i was concerned about the window light in the background …but i guess it didn’t matter, the results were real good….

  6. theiPhone4Videos

    this is cool,sir.. but don’t you think flash and gary fong’s lightsphere is not good enough for indoor lighting?

  7. How much is this kit cost?

  8. How much is this kit cost?

  9. morrisstudios

    only sold in Canada

  10. hi where can i buy this kit?

  11. Please can you put link of this Video cause i am new too and i purchase the Kit already

  12. Great Video. Simple and to the point for starters.

  13. eliezeralvangallegos

    thumbs down for olympus

    but thumbs up for the video! very helpful

  14. what do you call of that flash? thanks

  15. wow! its a nice thing i saw your video.. its a awesome tutorial and it helped me a lot.. i just bought a studio kit like this but different brand..anyway thanks for having a video like this! thumbs up!

  16. DasWarSchnell

    Nice doggy. I want one!

  17. morrisstudios

    Each light plugs into a wall socket, not a battery. Some lights will use a battery but as a starter system I would stay away from a battery system. The extra cost isn’t worth it as a starter kit.

  18. morrisstudios

    A light meter will show you the f-stop. You set the ISO and shutter speed on the meter to the setting on your camera. You then use the flash meter to check the f-stop on your subject and background.

  19. Your videos are really helpful! I’m new to using flash and was planning on getting a start up kit, i’ve seen videos of how to set up the stands and put everything together, the part i haven’t seen or know about is how is everything connected to, of course i know it’s all connected to a battery, is it all running on one battery or it’s own for every stand? It’s a dumb question but i’m in the process of learning.

  20. Thanks for the great video. Can you tell me how you would integrate the use a light meter into this scenario? I noticed that you set your camera to 125 sec, Ap 5/6. I assume you used the light meter on your camera to get the reflective light. With a light meter I think you set the ISO and then expose the flash which will give you the Ap or F stop and the shutter speed? Many thanks

  21. morrisstudios

    No. The PC is to trigger external flash units.

  22. Wow thanks for this amazing video, just one question, is a PC Out the same as a AV Out? Thanks!