Help-Portrait Nashville 2009 Test Event

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Awesome work!!!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. Because of the story and encompassing of the Help-Portrait idea,´╗┐ I really like this video, it is what I point people to for recruitment and outreach. Suggestion, update the tail for the current year. The 2011 video is also very good.

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  5. I had such a great experience with this event last year and looking forward to another this year;) I would encourage ANYONE no matter´╗┐ what you bring to the table ( photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, volunteers or those who simply want to donate..) to FIND a local event and be a part of it;)


    well´╗┐ done

  7. love, love, love this. As an amateur, I wish I would have known about this earlier. I would have loved to help out. Will this´╗┐ be happening again?

  8. This is a truly wonderful project — you’ve made these people feel noticed and special — and it can turn people around.
    Good for you! Now I have to figure out how to organize´╗┐ something similar where I live. Thank you!

  9. I had a lot of fun at this event.´╗┐ I was the makeup artist when I helped out in the women’s shelter here in New York. I had fun time getting to know each woman individually. Not every single woman wanted makeup, so it was their choice to opt out. It was still fun to see how happy they were with their kids and seeing their expression on their faces when they saw the results of their pictures. It didn’t cost a thing but just your time and efforts. Now they have a lifetime memory in a picture.

  10. brightreddiary

    this is so´╗┐ beautiful! thank you, whoever started this!

  11. does anyone know what the´╗┐ music is at the intro of this video?

  12. jonasjonascrazy

    Beautiful!! I’m a Big Sis in the Big Bros/Big Sis organiztion, and this opportunity has been made available to my little sis and her family. ´╗┐ What a wonderful gift. Thank you!!

  13. Beautiful !!!! What a wonderful thing to do for people. This just shows´╗┐ how we sometimes forget how fortunate we are. Just last night I was complaining of having too many photos on my computer. I never once stopped to realize how lucky I am to have photos of my family. Thank you for bringing that to my attention and Thank you so much for what you are doing for these people . You are paying it forward 100 % ! GBY.

  14. This just shows the beauty of love and life, and that photography is really powerful and not to underestimate´╗┐ its effect.

  15. i need to get´╗┐ involved.

  16. Chris,
    I am just an amateur but willing to do´╗┐ anything I can to help Saturday here in Nashville. Just let me know.

  17. ChrisJonesTVnews

    I just found your link today. I am not sure that I can pull this together for the 12th, but´╗┐ I plan on trying to contribute this Christmas. Thanks for the reminder to think of others and use the talents I have been blessed with. Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you all for your efforts!

  18. FYI I’m not a “bru” I’m a female. Ever see the dove soap commercial? That is exactly a good example of not showing people need to put on a mask to be told they’re beautiful. People are beautiful in their natural state! Oh and as someone who has lived on their own since a young age I can tell you from´╗┐ experience the last thing I was want is some stranger to doll me up for a few hours of surface level happiness. True happiness and making people feel good is having a good ear & open arms!

  19. simplifythings

    As someone who may be helping with makeup and has been pulling supplies together all week ; I’m looking forward to taking care of someone else in a way they usually don’t have available.

    It’s a´╗┐ time of pampering and for me a time to get to know each person I help and bring out the beauty in them.

    They have their stories and pain. The 12th is about connection and making someone else feel special.

    Besides, no one I know working the 12th is “trying ” to do anything…we are DOING.

  20. You just dont get it bru. It’s about making people who are neglected by society feel special. This was´╗┐ done at a place wher people come round to get free meals so why should the photographers feed them when they’re getting fed anyway?

    Lighten up and stop being so cynical.

  21. Alright some of you might not like what I have to say. do like the video and what they are “trying” to achieve but´╗┐ where they went wrong is putting make up on people in order for them to feel beautiful. I find that a complete contradiction to making people feel good about themselves. Take real homeless people, take their picture and write up a story about their lives, give them a hug, warm Christmas dinner and leave out the make up.

  22. Am so excited for this! We are doing this at our church on dec 12! ´╗┐ bunch of professional photographers coming together, gonna be great!

  23. This is amazing.
    I hope to be a professional photographer.
    But i never dreamed i’d be able to´╗┐ do something like this

  24. What a great´╗┐ way to give back!

  25. I’m excited for Dec 12th! I will be one of the makeup artists for this event. I’m excited and it doesn’t take´╗┐ much to make people feel good about themselves and feel beautiful. =)