Headshots & Portrait Photography : Headshots & Portrait Photography: Telephoto Lenses

Portrait Photography Video Rating: four / five

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  1. lol 1:07 she giggles when he says ‘like noses that come forward in space’ :L

  2. hassanabbasbirmani

    Thanks for your great tips or may be revealed photography secrets. I really appreciate that.It is very helpful video for amateurs like me.

  3. yeah pretty much what xeophobephoto said.

    The Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens is the perfect portrait lens imo, it’s a fantastic lens and well worth the cash.

  4. There’s a alot of good information in this series, but it is not presented in the most efficient manner. Some information is innacurate, and some is just … crap! A better source of information would be better than this one.

  5. A 70-210 f/4 is excellent. A 70-200 in a f/2.8 is very excellent and is used in New York by model runway photographers. So dont laugh out loud!

  6. xenophobephoto

    50-55mm is not bad, but 70-90mm is better.

    55-200? LOL. NO.
    18-270??? Bigger NO.

  7. i think you mean nikkor ! and 1.8 wow thats pretty fast, overkill wouldnt you think ! its like using a shotgun to hunt mice ! i do agree on that 85 mm , nice

  8. The best Lens would be a fixed focal length lens, for canon for example a EF 85mm f1,8 USM. Those 18-200 or 18-270mm lenses are very cheap in quality

  9. There should have been an example picture for the telephoto lens. That would have been very helpful.

  10. thetttttttttttt

    haha, at 00:06 he wanted to say breast but couldn’t in front of the lady