Hamilton to lead photography tour

Good news for photography enthusiasts, a stunning photographic journey will start on 14th October, Monday at 7 am. All are invited to be a part of this free event arranged by Hendry Glades Audubon at Clewiston Museum at 109 Central Avenue Clewiston in Florida.

Don Hamilton, an internationally acclaimed photographer, will guide the adventure in an informative and entertaining show featuring his snaps of plants, animals and landscapes.

Don Hamilton Jr. is from Boca Raton is also a nature and wildlife photographer. Hamilton has been exercising Nuclear Medicine Cardiology Imaging for more than thirty years in South Florida. He is also well known as a contributor to the publications of South Florida Water Management District and Clewiston News.

A hobby to share the delights of nature as well as to encourage conservation is the driving force which propels Hamilton in his chase of excellence in photography. He leads photography expedition in Everglades as well as Latin and central America.

In November, photography enthusiasts can take pictures of a white-crested turaco and a cotton-top tamarin without leaving Los Angeles. In 3rd November, Photo Day is coming back to Los Angeles Zoo. Photo Day admission price includes workshops from wildlife photography individuals, the loan of equipment, and a catered lunch.

Photo Day lets for taking close ups offering a scope to more glossy. If a person registers before 1st Octover, the ticket price would be US$ 125. Registration ends on 15th October.


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