Fuji Instax Photo Shoot – 5 Min Portrait

Portrait Photography Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. that girl is soo awkward and dead.

  2. i see a wildfire 🙂

  3. most enthusiastic volunteer EVER.


  4. lol.. you are too funny! <3 it

  5. How about you create a 10 min video?

  6. wow! i think we found King Hipster!!!

  7. horicazontical lol

  8. wtf lol

  9. thought it was 5 minutes? haha

  10. sexey !

  11. Man I love your videos hahah. Love the reading break.

  12. LordVoldemortIII

    @superCam25 what is the name of the movie??

  13. parts of this video remind me of that movie blow about that photographer who gets all of those hot chicks,the only thing missing is that you dont accidently photograph a murder.

  14. Hilarious!

  15. GETILLapparel

    so much for 5 minutes haha

  16. I love watching you do this kind of stuff, Jared.

  17. james07jamesjames

    Sarah looks hot.

  18. I have always seen a compact as a “fun” camera but have always hated messing with printing and things this would make a great collage or a story of images. Thanks for posting I shall invest despite the slightly annoying flash.

  19. 5 minute portrait that took 45 minutes.

  20. @jaredpolin I didn’t get a chance to watch the full video, I’m at 21:00 (roughly) right now, but I think I know why our color is messed up.

    If this camera works anything like older Polaroids with a mandatory flash, the flash has something to do with compensating the white balance in the scene.

  21. Who’s Sarah?

  22. My bad, spoke too soon.. nice one, looks good.

  23. I did do that watch the end of the video.

  24. Jared can you make a timelapse of one of the photos developing? Maybe 1 shot per second or something would look cool.