Flash Portrait Photo from Advert 2 (www.dombower.com)

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Cant see any difference in either photo.lol

  2. I think the lighting on the photo of you looked way better!

  3. have you heard about Bower SFD35C. i just wanna ask if its a good flashgun and can you make a review of it. thank you sir!

  4. hahahaha, watch the rest of the videos.
    no it doesnt focus on timer mode, i pre focus. yes the sb900 can work without wires you need the pop up flash on your camera to work it. just watch more videos

  5. hello Dom, is Nikon SB900 work on wireless with D300s? IF so..how do i do it? Thank you
    and.. how do you let it focus on timing mode? i tried..and it keeps blurred on my face.. ty

  6. Hi dom how much were ur flashes? nd where is a gud place to get them?

  7. great video’s! Just started with flash fotography and these kind of video’s are much more helpfull then grumpy old guys talking about the menu structure in the device for 20 mins.

  8. k.

  9. aperture is small enough to get all in focus and restrict some ambient light and ss is fast enough.

  10. Dom, whats ur aperture and the SS?

  11. rocklobster2112

    I am attending a local Halloween bash and I’ll be setting up shop to take off-camera stuff for folks in costume. That should be a lot of fun, but only one flash. You’re vids instruct and inspire. Thanks.

  12. well in the budget range (where i am being a student and all) the canon 450d was the better camera for the money. plus i got a incredible 2nd hand deal of someone on ebay – with lenses! But yeh – i do like nikons as the range goes up. plus the CLS looks tons better than what canon have. I will deal with the conversion process one day when money appears…

  13. hahaha canon. whats that piece of stone age guff? never head of it, must be a bit like a lomo camera compared to nikon! 🙂

  14. haha – i quite liked the two thumbs up. great video as always – i watch them partially for entertainment value aswell as education. although sometimes i wished you owned a canon..

  15. nope never use photoshop. its just cos it was a dark room.

  16. thanks.

  17. glad to hear it. thanks for commenting

  18. Very informative videos + the humer. Keep it up!

  19. Dude, your videos are awesome! Thanks…


  20. great one! tnx for all your videos!