Fire Captain makes it to the finals of a national photography event

A St. George Fire Department captain has established his skills reach beyond the fire flames as he seats among top rising photographers in the country as he was nominated as a finalist in the 8th Annual Emerging Pro Contest.

Rob J. Hooper, who clicks under the R.J. Hooper Photography name, made it through the 1st spot of the judging procedure in the contest. His photo submitted in the fine art category named Snow Canyon Glory was chosen by the judges, earning him a position as 1 of the 9 Emerging Pro finalists.

Rob has been a photographer for almost twenty years and one of his works got published in the National Geographic ago. He got a magnificent snap of Snow Canyon in the thunderstorm in September which triggered flooding across the Western County.

According to reports, Hooper told that he has visited Snow Canyon State Park several times during all kinds of conditions that include sunset, sunrise, rain and snow. This specific September morning, he almost had no desire to get up early to attempt one more time. The thunder, however, in the morning had been quite intense. Therefore, he knew the possibility for something was high.

Hooper came around thirty minutes before sunrise and he could tell all of the elements were coming together. Just after capturing the snap, he was in a hurry to get back to his car. He ran for his life. There was lighting striking all around and the wind was also very intense.

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