Find the Light: Ep 233: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV

Portrait Photography Video Score: four / 5

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  1. awesome and informative video, you’ve given me heaps of ideas. cheers for that!

  2. nice boobs.

  3. Very helpful video thanks!

  4. Wait Adorama is in Phoenix?

  5. portrait lighting starts at 05:05

  6. Please make one video on natural lighting in an extremely cloudy/ rainy condition!

  7. x favor en español….plis plis plis un blog donde pueda traducir

  8. MrRadfahrer77

    I have seen tons of comments all over the internet from photographers (or wannabes) who think they are better than the instructors (case in point:rioandashley) or that the instructor is not a good photographer, well; I’d like to see some good examples of their own work or something that can justify those comments, BTW, I’m not mad; I think somebody else is…

  9. The 1/f rule of thumb assumes a 35mm camera (135 format/full-frame) and an 8×10 print. On an APS-C sensor, you’d need to take the crop factor into account for the equivalent “rule”, so 1/60s would be “safe” for most photogs with a 35mm lens. (What you’re worried about is angular displacement of the camera relative to the field of view.) If you’re shooting for the screen (web), you can go slower; if you’re making huge prints, you’d probably need to go faster.

  10. He is not on a photoshoot dude, some examples for us to see…

  11. Very basic but some great tips.

  12. Your wife is awesome Mark!!! Love the outtake. Plus, Sara was a great model, do you use employees for models or actual models?

  13. she looks like LOREEN! :)..just search for euphoria

  14. Great tips very knowledgable just very sub par photos. I’m sorry and I know people are gonna get mad but he’s just not a good photographer however he does know his stuff.

  15. Hey Mark, I use and older Canon 300D and because of financial constraints I’m having to use this camera to do two things. Learn how to become a better photographer and attempt to make a little money at this. I’d like to start doing more head shot or portraits. How can I use this camera to the best of it’s ability….as well as mine? Thanks!

  16. glennskitchen

    Very helpful video – thank you Mark

  17. great tips and episode 🙂 one of my favorites.

  18. Can you provide a link for pre orders of that camera?

  19. The first 5 minutes looks like a comercial for fujifilm.

    Interesting video. Didnt know that fact of the shades.

  20. Nelsonesfotos

    Me gustaria que colocaran la traducion en espanol si no es molestia gracias un saludo

  21. This episode is brought to you by the word, “REALLY”

  22. I depends at what focal length he is shooting at. Following the general rule that states that your shutter speed should be at least1/focal length, if Mark’s focal length was say 75 mm, most his shots could end up blurry. Leaning against a wall or image stabilization could help improve his keeper rate of shots.