Fashion, Portrait, and Fine Art Photographer, Tamar Levine: How’d They Do That?

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. First off, how does her nose have anything to do with anything? Second, anyone who says they can’t do a shoot without a meter or other luxury gear is no photographer! Tell Ansel Adams he had to use the latest and greatest equipment and he’d punch you in the nose!

  2. MelindaAugustina

    Speaking from the tribe of large noses, it’s good to note that lots of great people have strong noses. 🙂

  3. Jewish! :D

  4. Awesome images, haunting style…. great stuff.

  5. lovemachine2000

    She’s got Mount Blanc for a nose.

  6. Mark is the MAN!!

  7. SuperLimerick

    its kinda…shes cute

  8. How did I contradict myself? Re read the comment. A lot of photographers would agree that gear doesn’t mean anything, it only makes the job easier. What I meant to say is that it doesn’t matter that she’s using ‘only a 50mm’ because that lens is a GREAT lens, especially for it’s price.

  9. errrr….you sorta contradicted yourself. but then, that happens.

  10. dogsoldiersbrother

    We all can’t be a Testino or a Meisel. But then again it’s probably more fun being a Tamar Levine!

  11. That’s a great, fast and sharp lens. Don’t act like good gear is what makes the photographer because it doesn’t. Some one can have a pro camera and the best, fastest, sharpest glass ever and still get bad photos.

  12. I L.O.V.E. this girl!! She’s the photographer i want to become. I love how simple, tasteful, uncomplicated and “flowy” her approach is. Besides, her taste for timeless photographs. Bravo, Tamar!

  13. I’d like to see rob sheridan do one of these interviews as well.

  14. For those who are knit picking on her credibility on knowing her gear and making use of photoshop i think maybe you should realise that she is where she is because of her artistic foundation. I take my hat of to her because she is an artist first and not a techinician. Good on you girl

  15. I am a little sad that she is just well versed in Photoshop but didn’t even know the aperture of her lens :S

    Mark, thanks for showing us variety of photographers, although I miss good interviews like the one with that awesome photojournalist.

  16. Goes to show that success in Photography is not all about technical knowledge and the perfect equipment. Vision and style have created a career. She’s obviously doing a lot of things right. Good job.

  17. Wow, I don’t know what to say without being mean but I think she is more of an artist than a technical photographer. Also she is very young…

  18. bratwurstler2

    @gnkphotography hey, you got me wrong (or I didn’t made it clear): I am with your point, that yesterdays work in the darkrooms did just as much as we today do (a computer with PS is much easier to get, though).
    I was about to say that weaknesses in the photo itself today are fixed in PS, while PS should be used to enhance a good photo to make it real good.

    the handcraft as a photographer loses its value (just as you said)

  19. she can shoot me on location…… 😀 shes a fine one

  20. she only uses a 50mm 1.8?!

  21. demonbabydotcom

    Beautiful photos, great interview.

  22. gnkphotography

    WOW I think you need to check your history. Many Photographers did many different things outside of the camera. The only difference was it was done in the darkroom and the general public didn’t understand that.

    You are right though this gen. is ruining photography but it is simply because they feel there is no value to it. They feel anyone can take great pictures and if not Photoshop can fix it. Simply not the case. PShop is simply todays darkroom. No talent still = bad pictures

  23. bratwurstler2

    well, I am only 19. but what I know is, that this generation of photographer will destroy the business. as it is right now. I know, times changing and so on. but focusing on Photoshop instead of doing it properly AT the shoot… =S

  24. hcoll..these videos are made to be informative and inspirational. I’m sure there is some other channel on Youtube you can go and leave your negative comments on. Not that she needs anyone to defend her (her talent alone nullifies your comment) but obviously she was nervous . Keep up the fantastic work Mark!