Equipment for a Senior Portrait Session

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / five

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  3. It’s important to have some sort of backup, even if you rent it, because things can and will go wrong from time to time.

  4. Isn’t one good camera all you need?

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  11. Hey thanks for taking the time to respond to this 🙂 I have been a commercial photographer for many years and I specialize in aerial images but the market for that has dropped off so much that it has made me come to the conclusion that I need to get in to another area of photography like portraits and weddings. Thank you for posting these videos, they are full of great information. 🙂

  12. Lenses that get you a little bit further away from the model make good portrait lenses. For a cropped sensor, the 50mm works great, and also 85mm. The kit lenses are so good nowadays that they are a good choice, too.

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  15. Hi I know you are a Nikon Gal but what would be a good lens for portrait work for my Canon 60d ? there are so many choices it gets a wee bit confusing .

    Thanks 🙂

  16. I’d find a shady area.

  17. if the shoot was not inside a house and it was totally informal…and all you had was a Nikon D3100 kit (with both the lenses that the kit comes with) and a sb-700 light and the shoot was to take place in the afternoon, about 2pm can one expect some quality? i will photograph a 92 year old man, any tips on how to make it better will be greatly appreciated…love your vids they are loaded with info…thanks.

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  22. I see.. but I mean more from where do you actually get your prints? Do you use an online service and have prints sent to them?

    And what are you doing when you go through ordering prints with clients? Are you showing them “proof” shots on your comp? Do you have print “options” that you use with a lot of clients or do you really leave it up to them every time? I’m assuming you have specific prices for specific print sizes and numbers of prints. – Thanks

  23. I use cheap but sturdy stands from Paul C Buff. I sit one-on-one with my clients for ordering.

  24. 2 q’s:

    -What stands are you using? Manfrotto stands?

    -What do you generally do for getting pics to clients. Do you put them up using an online service and they order from there?

  25. I can’t stop watching this video… 😉