EMPhotography-Episode 1 (one strobist portrait)

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NikonaazzPhotography

    this fashion photography

  2. photobyjewell1987

    cool photo shoot i was wondering what kind of canon flash was you using on your shoot nice video from jb3

  3. good…simple step but great result…

  4. the last 2 shots looked great

  5. Fajne, pekné zábery… Aký diaľkový si používal ma spustanie blesku?

  6. Excellent video, and you remind me of Rodney from the TV program Only Fools and Horses

  7. Dombowerphoto

    the shot at 0:44 is amazing, i love it

  8. KreativeVueTV

    Great Video, thanks for sharing! Check out my channel for more great “Photography for Beginner” videos!

  9. from slovakia ,piestany 🙂

  10. Love the shot at 43 sec. Where are you from ? Country etc.

  11. Nice and simple and getting great results! Maestro!

  12. Love this vid! Im usually harsh on ppl on utube, but this is great. Pictures are awesome. Love how you only use a simple flash with no modifier. All these bigshots with their elinchroms and profotos can’t touch you.

  13. Respond to this video… whats your flash setting? and aperture setting? , try to set normal expousure for “background” then add speedlight and experiment with power setting,

  14. 100mm macro canon 🙂

  15. hello friend could take a doubt, I take a picture and leave it all white because of the flash. You must be a great distance to use the flash? I put the canon 7d flsah in manual mode and manual. I have to do some setting on the flash or Canon 7D? sorry for bad english use as a translator. It could make a video liga’cão doing all the equipment and settings?

  16. Nice photos! Can you share with us what lens have you used?

  17. 450d 🙂

  18. Canon 5d or 1d?

  19. Thanks 🙂

  20. Genius name… EMP i really like it.  The shoot was pretty cool too, the photos also look spectacular for a single flash.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. hi no problem i thing iso 200, f4 -5.6 and 1/125, and flash zoomed to 28mm 1/8 or 1/4 power
    camera mode on manual and flash too manual…

  22. thanks for your info

  23. motokokusanagi85

    Search Strobist.Blogspot and learn all about how to light there, all the advice you ever need.

  24. svacoma, Great jobbbbbbbbb
    is possible share us your camera setup and flash( appreture, shutter speed, ISO, camera mode, flash mode)
    i realy like it but i couln”t able to do,
    thanks for response

  25. breakabutterfly

    ramona flowers 😀