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Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. i like all 3 pics….:)

  2. i like the original most.

  3. ohh no, out of focus. This is the good example of bad choice ..haha .!

  4. The second guys edit looks like every photo I ever got back from Walgreen’s before the wonderful age of digital photography.

  5. I swear i fucking hate myself for watching your videos once i hear that moronic voice that you do at the start saying “fro knows photo..”. Fucking jesus. Just stop it please. Nice videos overall. Thank you.

  6. tobearoundtheglobe

    I’d suggest Greg to be more encouraging to people and not only grumping at settings which are not spot on, focus etc. Happy days!

  7. yet to find a link that works

  8. theyre both good in their own way. id say jareds edit will be more universally liked. why? its a safer look.

  9. Hi JaredPolin, I have a focus issue with my Nikkor 18-200mm AF-S ED-DX I tried many way but SOMETIME i don’t get sharp focus in my portrait pictures. I even use one spot and focus on a eyes, but sharp area is not on the eye (same problem when i AF/M focus). What should when I am shooting for portrait picture? Thank you in advance. Cheers.

  10. I was thinking that too.

  11. Jared wins on this big time!!!!!

  12. OMG, the fat guy is so annoying!

  13. sign up in the forum and you can access the raw file each week.

  14. sign up in the forum and you can access the raw file each week.

  15. ok can someone pleas tell me how i actu;y downlod the photos because i want to edit them but i dont know how to get them 🙁

  16. during the whole time of greg’s edit i was screeming in my head “EXPOSURE!!!!!!!!!”

  17. I would cheat a smidge and unsharp mask that. Xb

  18. atanasbozhalov

    I think adding a bit of grain will cover the out-of-focus issue…

  19. I think both of you guys did awsome on the composition. = ) it really depends on people’s taste.. cuz not 2 photographers are alike!!!

  20. Original looks fine to me, if only it was in focus..

  21. greg wins IMHO, like the color and the fact that the shadow actualy is black instead of blue.

  22. Greg always likes his images flat

  23. Jared lol ^^
    Missed details in the shadows,wrong white balance (Shadow behind the model is blue)

  24. unprofessionalvids

    gahh never get 3rd party lens! right, Jared?

  25. unprofessionalvids

    Greg wins