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  1. Hey, I’m looking up that Sigma and see two of them. there’s the Sigma 24-70 F2.8 EX DG Macro and the HSM. I’m guessing that’s the faster motor. The HSM is almost $900. But as far as quality and clarity are they identical in service? AND…. How does either compare to my Tamron SP AF28-75 F/2.8 (which I thought was great but I’m open to upgrading.)

  2. Looking this video as the 2. of you, I know now, that something´s wrong with you. Do you have to speak like that? Ok, always having yourself in the video makes sure you´re narcissistic, but that´s not all of it. You are looking like on drugs as well.

  3. xXbutterbrotXx

    its photoshop lightroom 3

  4. it’s that big tree on the left of the photo that needed to be cropped out because it looks like it don’t belong there.

  5. Grage can suck my bloody pussy!  And he AINT gettin any!

  6. icecoldnfantastique

    Jared, thank you. Greg, F OFF! You think everyone can afford that lens. Chill yo, you sound like a bitch

  7. Adobe Lightroom, which just released version 4.

  8. JPSovereignStrikes

    im a novice and i was wondering what you meant by locking focus…

  9. VivalaaMacBeauty

    boooooooooooooom! lmao


  11. if you’re on a crop body go for the 50 1.4. on Full frame go 85 1.4. that’s my opinion.

  12. What editing program is that??

  13. the non cropped version is better

  14. greg is an asshole

  15. JARED!!! i think the 500D is the canon t1i, the 3 digits are uk versions, and the t#i are the us versions, hence them being called rebels

  16. Excellent job. You both guys are teaching me lots of things! Specially by this video. Thank you!

  17. hiii jared! i like your intro..

  18. the “bad bokeh” that Greg mentioned might be the lens, but also the fact that it was probably windy and those tree branches are moving around.

  19. EverythingisFire

    I’m digging going back to your old raw edits because 1) I was not a subscriber then (Joined around when Greg left) 2) Beautiful models 🙂

  20. imobsessedwittrecool

    i like the one on the right better. I think it looks better without being cropped, but I guess it just depends on the person’s taste

  21. braveGurkhali

    will you stop your annoying intro?

  22. Nice work with images, but this guy is kind of a douche.

  23. wgcinematography

    hey jared i own a nikon 70-200 2.8–for my sports photography, but wanna upgrade to a prime lens for portrait photography would you suggest the 50mm 1.4 for this or something else. what is the best lens for portraits? thanks!

  24. Greg how do You teach your students? Do you tell them to spend a lot of money to start photography? I always heared the exact opposite…

  25. Greg’s was WAY better I think.