DSLR Tips: Pet Portrait Photography

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  1. BonusVideoView

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  2. on your camera setting do i put it on tv mode or av mode

  3. thephotovideoshow

    Don’t understand your question?

  4. what mode TV or AV is better doing this

  5. thephotovideoshow

    I always shoot in full manual. If I’m just trying to take a snapshot, I’ll set it to Auto but 9/10 of the time I’m always working the controls myself.

  6. Mark, on the Nikon D7000 and D5000 there is a “Pet Portrait” Scene mode (Cat Icon). Do you ever use this setting or do you set everything yourself?

  7. lol i love your videos thank you for helping me with my camera and shots

  8. thephotovideoshow

    That’s great! Thanks for watching, too!

  9. Great video, thanks for the tips! Just so happens I just finished up shooting my pet, and this video prompted me to grab my Canon and shoot some more, cause yours were so great!