Digital Photography Tutorial – Outdoor Portraits – How to Blur the background – Beginner lesson

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  1. Love your video, thanks for all the great tips. Are you saying that you don’t use M, A or S mode when taking portraits at all? Either way great job!

  2. elephants are the only [mammals] thats can’t jump. haha sorry. absolutely great video! I have been getting into photography recently and your stellar videos are extremely helpful to me (an amateur) keep up the good work!

  3. thank you! for helping us beginners..

  4. MsEternallyYours

    Hi, thanks for the great video. Could you recommend a dslr camera for me and lens that is suitable for photographing babies and children? It would be primarily indoors but also outdoors. I’d like crisp images. My budget for the camera is £400 but will save for whatever lenses you recommend. Also would a canon 400d take sharp quality pictures of babies or is the nikon d3100 better? I’m a beginner. Thanks for any help!

  5. okay thanks, why does your picture of your friend come out so crisp and clean looking? any editing in CS5 or is that just the lens and camera? also what is that ring thing you have on your lens good for?

  6. PhotographersOnUTube

    No, I use auto focus. Almost all photographers use auto focus as it’s very fast and accurate. If I were doing macro photography then I’d use manual focus or if I wanted to focus to infinity or use hyper focal distance for landscape photography.

  7. are you using manual focus as well?

  8. UrDadIsBent88

    The 50mm f1.8 is a good and cheap lens that blurs the background. Check out reviews of it on YouTube.

  9. @jonilax Prime lens are lens with a fixed focal length (which means the number can’t be changed). In other words, you can’t zoom in or out with a prime lens like you can with zoom lens. Prime lens typically has better quality optics than that of a zoom lens which = better quality pictures. It costs a lot less too. In your case, prime lens does a better job at “blurred background” (or Brokeh) as well as portrait and everyday use, compared to a zoom lens. The “expensive” zoom lens are just as good

  10. Its funny how you do something wrong on purpose as an example but you still punish yourself for it 🙂 Keep up your great videos. Im a beginner.

  11. Thanks !!!

  12. DominicanPowers

    very very good vid

  13. wonderful!

  14. You were so helpful ! thanks.

  15. Why can’t elephants jump????

  16. CasaDeCucaracha

    Helpful as always man! 

  17. This is my 4th time watching this video and once again I caught something I missed the previous times. I hope others will watch these more than once or twice. And don’t forget to click the ” LIKE ” button
    Thanks, Jibran

  18. Thanks for the Video! Awesome!

  19. very helpful vedio

  20. awesome

  21. PhotographersOnUTube

    Case, talk to me on facebook. It’s not as simple as picking just one lens. There are a lot of factors involved.

  22. what lens can you recommend for me? im into portrait shots, using a nikon d3100 slr..

  23. thank you!! any tips ?? im going to try a contest in photography? and its my first time ??

  24. Excellent video, very well explained.

  25. This was very helpful…I’ve been asked to photograph a figure drawing session in the outdoors and need some tips before this Saturday. Also I could use a simple model release form if you know of one..?