Digital Photography Split Lighting Using Flash And Fast Shutter

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. I use an Alien Bee Cyber Sync…. they are good for more than 250th

  2. focusstudioph

    i think that’s because the maximum sync speed of your wireless trigger is only 180 – 200…

  3. focusstudioph

    what trigger is he using?… coz as far as i know, my max sync speed of my wireless remote tranceiver is only 200… and you’re saying that it’s 320th of a second?… hmMmp?

  4. i try this technique for a couple of times with the same setting but it still bright….
    my room has a 60 watt incandescent you think the bulb makes it bright? thank you

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  6. An absolute winner shot!! Good informative video too. Thanx for posting!! Just a footnote: My old Nikon D70s can actually use shutter speed as fast as 1/1000 with flash and still get no black lines in the picture. Keep posting please!! Cheers 🙂