Digital Photography Child Portrait

Portrait Photography Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Great photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more cool tips & videos.

  2. you got some great videos but your little fro knows photo thing just makes me wanna killmyself

  3. Hey Jared, +1 for hockey being awesome!

  4. I dont worry about the wb unless im shooting flash i put it to flash but I am happy with how my camera picks up the WB and I go from there and tweak to my liking. Esp with some many different light changes.

  5. marcobustosxxv

    The WB stuff i slightly dont agree, specially if your doing a wedding. Its better to get the WB right at the camera instead of fixing hundreds of RAW files. Its just a personal preference i guess

  6. GeorgeZupster

    Not true I never had soft pictures because of VR when I shot from hand, even 1/500+

    I use or used 16-85VR, 70-300VR, 18-200VR, never had problems

  7. @GeorgeZupster. You don’t buy my comment? or buy IS, VR lenses? if you don’t buy the comment thats your opinion, I got the information from a camera Rep.

  8. GeorgeZupster

    Never had that experience, I just do not buy it.

  9. at 1/500th a sec the is at the same frequency as IS or VR so any shutter speed above 500 the IS or VR should be turned off. When your at 1/500th sec and the VR you will notice that the VR is over compensating and causing motion blur, its the same when you mount the camera with an IS or VR lens on a tripod/mono pod

  10. nice picture!

  11. premiumlager7

    nice, im a habs and raps fan too. i shoot with nikon in montreal!

  12. zacfortomorrow

    damn, that guy jsut talks and talks. dude answer the question and move on

  13. This is a great photo! I don’t mind the ear being cut off as much as I want to see more of the hand, but considering how hard it is to get shots like these with kids, I am very impressed.

    It was funny when he admitted that the picture was a little cropped. Almost like he was scared to tell you. hehehe

  14. ya know saying fro knows photo is getting annoying…

  15. OChristFollower

    Do you know you say “Their very nice” just like your grandmother? Love it!

  16. I was wondering about the video lesson on lighting too! great question Jason! (and photo too of course)

  17. wow, i knew you’d be a raps fan when you said you’re from toronto 😀 i love them too. KLEIZA!

  18. unprofessionalvids

    not a fan of flash photography either : )

  19. theDRphotographer

    awesome portrait! 

  20. Awesome as always!