Daragh Muldowney captures stunning pictures

Irish photographer Daragh Muldowney’s inspiration for his newest collection of work and study of the coastal rock pools of Ireland started when he was a child. Since he was grown up near the coast, he came to appreciate the hidden beauty along the shoreline. He told that this quality has helped him to influence his new photo exhibition that took place in Atlanta and a photo book called “Jewellery Box – Ireland’s Hidden Gems”.

Daragh used an old Canon camera and a whole lot of lenses, but he had no artificial lightings or any filter. The forty one year old photographer went to all of Ireland’s seventeen coastal counties with campervan for over a half year of travels.

At times he clicks in wind, rain or other problems for weeks in a wetsuit only and also don a couple of kneepads to hold the right shot. Muldowney told that ‘Jewellery Box’ shows his revolution as an artist.
The exhibition started on 8th November. While speaking to Global Atlanta, he told that it was really a nice metaphor for the rock pools as they are very beautiful, and what he was trying to show people that there was much beauty just under their toes if they just stop and look at it.

He added that it was like jewelry for the soul to him and that is the most important type. It is something that warms and sings on the inner side by watching lovely. It is not only rock pools, all of his work is about revealing the detail that people generally overlook.


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