Dali hosts international photography exhibit

National Geographic Magazine’s exhibition planner Yang Chan told that they would like to use the Dali International Photography Exhibit as a platform to exhibit the top snaps for 125th anniversary of their magazine and let people know about their beautiful works.

The hundred-and-seventy pictures cover 6 categories, starting from humanity to nature. The 1 out of a thousand selection ratio of the magazine has made it one of the top image agencies in the world.

SIPA, a French press agency, has also bought 2 series of works to the exhibit. Meditation is made up of fifty snaps taken during 2008 to 2013, featuring ordinary people’s lives in times of peace and war. While Love in France concentrates on French life during the 1930s as well as 1940s.

Hundred volunteers have been on hand to lead people through the town to places, lectures as well as other planned activities.

The National Geographic’s 2013 Traveler Photo Contest’s winning image was Competitors in the Brazilian Aquathlon run in Rio Negro. The photographer Wagner Araujo, from Brazil, told that he photographed it from the water, and his lens got completely wet, but there was so much energy in these boys that he did not worry about that at all.

Dan Westergren, National Geographic Traveler director of photography as well as one of the judges, told that this snap really caught his attention because of the peak action it depicts. He love the horizontal tension caused by the main subject on his way out of the picture to the right.


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