Cross Strobe for Outdoor Portrait Photography

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  1. Dom used FP Sync in this tip, as you can see – the background is underexposured, even though there were a lot of sunlight, but the model (Dom:)) is normally exposured. Just use very fast shutter speed, like 1/2000s, or even faster..

  2. i would love to do this if it didnt break the bank

  3. keep checking the other videos.  also check out my video outdoor sunset portrait photography

  4. Hi Dom, I really love your style of outdoor flash photography, I’m trying to achieve the effects you are getting with your nikon, I’m using Canon camera with one 420ex and one 580ex flash connected to wireless triggers, but I’m not getting the same effect at all,
    It would be really helpful if you could mention the settings you are using in your videos or in the comments maybe.
    looking forward to see some settings info soon.

  5. it would be different for every iso, every light in the sky, time of day, distance of flashes etc. this is a video of the technique and its results not its details, thats for you to try out.

  6. some explanations would make this more useful – power settings etc

  7. are you useing any flash?  are you changing the flash and exposure compensation? there are a lot of ways to change the outcome of the image. best book yourself onto my course!

  8. hi what kind of setting on nikon d90 to take good portrait picture with a bright backround eg.. sunset at the back? i keep trying to shoot some and its always comes out dark on object but the backround ok. thanks

  9. Hey Dom. Enjoying the vids. What light stand brackets are you using?

  10. thanks man. much appreciated

  11. man. I think you have done the best tutorial video on the youtube. Simple and enjoyable unlike the other ppl who trying to make a formal professional look video tutorial.
    keep it up mate.

  12. hhahaahah are you joking??? no .. you must be joking right

  13. i only have one flash. A 580ex. would a reflector be an adequate substitute for a 2nd flash

  14. no idea.. they will change all the time with the change in brightness of the sun. but usually as fast a shutter speed as possible and if it is still too bright then a small an aperture as possible. iso alwasy at 100 or 200

  15. what are your camera settings for a pic like this?

  16. If only I had extra money for 2 flashes…. haha great vid.

  17. Thanks for all the tips Dom. I just got my brand new Nikon 18-200mm lens today and I’m eager to test it out