Creative flash Portrait Photography, Tutorials and Ideas by Dom Bower

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Sounds like good photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more great videos and tips.

  2. i enjoy your work on here Dom…..but please wear a shirt 😉

  3. cool video thanks!

  4. You are a genius!

  5. Dom, great videos. Question for you, what are your ISO, F stop, and shutter speeds when you do these effects? I am having some trouble figuring this out. Thanks!

  6. samisuperhomine

    y r u naked?

  7. Hi Dom, this video inspired me.
    Thank you spencer

  8. Hi Dom, this video inspired me.
    Thank you spencer

  9. HAHA! 2:23
    Youre awesome and I love your style of shooting so unrestricted!

  10. jds1967wheels

    Many thanks for the interesting tutorial, I shall be doing some messing about with the lights tomorrow. But I aint getting my top off for no 1 🙂 too much man boobs

  11. you’re crazy and I love it

  12. what are you using to trigger your flashes in this video?

  13. hi

    i have a question =D

    Do i have to have a white background (maybe white paper , like in professional studios ) , because you didnt use a white paper or something like this and it looks nice too =D

  14. this video is just amazing! thank you dombower! 😀

  15. cool ideas :)

  16. I like your videos!! Very funny and informative! Keep doing them! 🙂

  17. fytnessfanatik

    Awesome videos.. thanks!

  18. Hi, great video! What kind of flash r u using? I wanna make my own studio, needed an idea of good and cheap equipment, can u recomend me something? thankx

  19. hey dom , can you make a video about your camera gear (what’s in your camera bag) i would like to see it thx 🙂

  20. Dombowerphoto

    i didnt use lightroom in this video just flash. check my video on low key lighting, check it on the blog

  21. jonathan645169

    Hey Dom could you do a quick vid on how to darken the background using lightroom.
    Many thanks

  22. Dombowerphoto

    stand with the camera and point it at my tripod then put the camera on the tripod and presto it is focused on where i stand

  23. Dombowerphoto

    really depends on your budget. my blog as a good bunch of links for you to search through for more details

  24. Dombowerphoto

    99percent is all adobe lightroom editing. photoshop and gimp is only for very rare occasions

  25. deadkennedys909

    Seen your photoshop videos, you have alot of talent behind the camera and with editing! I have a question, do you only use photoshop? or do you use lightroom aswell? I used photoshop, then used lightroom and havn’t really touched PS since. But that holding your head video was genius!